Stephanie Barrows, ISM/RAM 

A Creative Catalyst for Change unlocking your potential and raising awareness of hidden talents to create pathways to prosperity

​Dream 2 Reality Coaching

​Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it 

​​​​​​​​​​Stephanie Barrows

​​A Creative Catalyst for Change, I am passionate about creating a kinder, fairer world for all its inhabitants. 
I work with visionary entrepreneurs to unlock your potential and raise awareness of hidden talents to create pathways to prosperity 


I’m an expert Dream-worker, a Catalyst for Change and a Registered and Approved Medium at the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums.  I work with visionary people to support you in creating solutions, overcoming challenges, enhancing performance and making the changes you want in your personal and professional life and your business.

Working with both waking and dream-time, I use tools and techniques which relieve time pressures and drive projects through to success faster and more easily, honouring your values and life purpose.

For more than 30 years, I have used my coaching, training and mentoring skills with private individuals, small groups and organisations to deliver training and workshops to people of varied abilities and capabilities to bring about the changes you want to see in your world.

"Every revolutionary idea, be it in science, politics,

art or any other field, evokes three stages of reaction:
“It’s impossible. Don’t waste my time”
“It’s possible, but it’s not worth doing”
“I said it was a good idea all along”"          
Arthur C Clarke

  • For 17 years, using a holistic approach, I've coached and trained able-bodied people, those with hearing, visual and mobility impairments and wheelchair users to make a difference in many areas, including accessibility to transport, hotels, shops and restaurants and other venues in the UK and overseas.​
  • I was a School Governor with responsibility for the Performance Management programme working with the Head and staff to set and work towards achieving their goals in line with the whole school ethos.  I was Vice Chair when Oakdale School was awarded beacon status for its work on "Learning to Learn" in the early 2000s.​
  • I formally qualified as a Personal Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner with The Coaching Academy in 2014, as a DISC Personality Profiler  in January 2015 and a Reiki 2 Practioner in March 2017.  I have held ISM RAM Spiritual Medium certification for >6 years.



​​A solopreneur since 2000, I’ve set and achieved goals to live the life I love by:

  • Making a difference in my own and others’ lives through coaching, training and mentoring, 1-to-1 and in groups.
  • Becoming a working actress
  • ​Writing fiction and non-fiction 
  • Being paid to travel for work and with family and friends for leisure​

​I’ve turned the above dreams to reality by having a vision, a realistic plan, identifying where my strengths lie and obtaining the skills and resources to plug any gaps in my knowledge and abilities.   
I work alongside visionary entre​preneurs to turn your dreams into reality.

Maybe like you,  sometimes I’ve been stretched well past my comfort zone and struggled to motivate myself to take action. I find being coached empowers you to check your vision and actions support your values; motivates you to meet challenges head-on, change setbacks to comebacks and learn from them; and most importantly inspires you to take action and celebrate success!

  • ​Studies at Redbridge Drama Centre led me to acting on stage and in Film and TV as well as training videos relating to care of the sick and elderly and corporate role-play.  
  • A writing course led to publishing articles in areas of expertise, humorous greetings cards, lyrics and the stage play "Invisible Web"