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​​‘Mind’ the Gap:
Align Mind Body and Energy to Achieve Success in 7 Days

Workshop with Life Change and Reinvention Expert, Stephanie Barrows

In order to achieve your goals, your actions must be in harmony with those goals. If your goal is not in harmony with your inner self, your actions may go against what you are trying to achieve.

Meditations / visualisations, group and individual exercises will help you connect to your authentic self, align mind, body and energy and empower, motivate and inspire you to ‘Mind’ the Gap to your success in 7 days

Recently held in East London. For information on how this and future workshops, including  "Confident Communication", "Connecting to Your Life Purpose"and "Linking into LUCK" can help individuals or groups turn your Dreams to Reality

Putting my money where my mouth is!

In 2015, a thespian client of mine set herself a retirement goal of directing and performing a play. Building on my corporate role-play work I had also set myself the fun goal of putting on my first ever professional play.

So on 17 November 2015, as the Invisible Women Theatre Company we performed a short two-hander at the Redbridge Drama Centre Scratch Night. This was way out of Comfort and almost beyond Stretch zone , but how great do we feel now that we've faced the challenge and achieved that goal?  See below for exciting news...

"Be Lucky"
In September 2016 I stepped into the role of Ma McGovern in "Be Lucky" at Redbridge Drama Centre in South Woodford, as the actress is recovering from surgery.  A Dream to Reality for me to be back on the boards with Redbridge Drama Centre's Adult Theatre. 


Invisible Women's script  "Invisible Web" was completed ahead of schedule (I coached us through the steps to success!). We've had our first performance and now the hard work of staging this at various theatres/venues and getting published  begins

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MRS Award for Public Policy / Social Research 2015

went to

​TfL / GfK for Accessible London:

The Accessibility Mystery Traveller Survey

I'm very proud to be part of this team as Trainer/Coach and Mentor for differently abled travellers whose assessment of accessibility to public transport is enabling them to help bring about the changes they want to see in the world.

If you have a visual, hearing or mobility impairment or are a wheelchair user and would be interested in details of how you too could become an assessor on the survey click below and I will arrange for you to be contacted. 

Continuous Professional Development

I've now received The Coaching Academy's Award for CPD in the following Coaching :







Coaching for Difference (Equaility and Inclusion)

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