Stephanie Barrows, ISM/RAM 

A Creative Catalyst for Change unlocking your potential and raising awareness of hidden talents to create pathways to prosperity

​Dream 2 Reality Coaching

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Invention / Reinvention / Repurpose

What solutions to challenges do you wish to create?

  • Discover how Dream 2 Reality's tools and time-saving techniques can support you in experimenting with new ideas,  inventions and concepts

What does reinvention / repurpose mean to you?

  • New life purpose / vocation?
  • New personal image / brand?
  • Repurposing?
  • A new approach?
  • Feeling empowered, motivated and inspired?
  • What else?

Discover how Dream 2 Reality Coaching can empower, motivate and inspire you to experiment, embrace change and achieve success faster and more easily than by yourself