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Invisible Women Theatre Company

Invisible Women Theatre Company was created by Maggie Driver and Stephanie Barrows to stage plays with interesting roles for women of all ages.  They've acted together several times, however this is the first time they’ve staged a play they’ve written.  “Invisible Web” sprouted and grew wings from a throw-away comment by Stephanie that she had always wanted to play an Angel in the School Nativity but was always cast as the Narrator!

Written by Maggie Driver and Stephanie Barrows, “Invisible Web” raises awareness of and explores the devastation and disregard for life created by human-trafficking. Seen through the eyes of four women from very different backgrounds, they are (in one case blissfully) unaware they are connected by an invisible web of corruption and organised crime…  First performed in March 2017, it's our intention to stage this thought-provoking, both harrowing and humourous drama between September 2017-January 2018 at various venues.   For more information on the play.

BREAKING NEWS January 2020.... Our second script "Cracked Canvas" celebrating the lives and loves of 5 older actors is now complete. 

What changes do you want to see in the world? What do you dream of achieving?  To find out how coaching can support you to turn your Dream to Reality as Invisible Women have done 


Stephanie Barrows, ISM/RAM 

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