Stephanie Barrows, ISM/RAM 

A Creative Catalyst for Change unlocking your potential and raising awareness of hidden talents to create pathways to prosperity

​Dream 2 Reality Coaching

​Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it 


Have you heard lots about the benefits of coaching, but have yet to try it because you’re not sure it’s for you?  Well… if you:

  1. Value your happiness and a healthy mind, body and soul, with great work/life balance
  2. Want to gain clarity on your purpose and passion in your personal and business life
  3. Would love to be inspired, empowered and motivated to create solutions, overcome challenges and enhance your performance in any area of your life to be the success your authentic self truly desires more quickly and easily
  4. Wish to create abundance and prosperity in your personal and business life as well as in the local and global community

… then non-judgemental, unbiased coaching can certainly help you and I have a very easy solution.

How would you like to achieve a long-held dream or idea  that you want to get off the ground personally or in business more quickly and easily? 

I am making a special “Step Up September” offer to work with a small number of individuals, on a 1-1 basis, to take a step-up towards your big dream/vision.  We will do this by:

  1. Completing a pre-call questionnaire (to establish your big vision and values/beliefs)
  2. Having a 30 minute call (Skype/Zoom) during which I will help you to set one small goal towards your Vision and create an action plan to achieve it in 30 days.
  3. Having a follow up call (date/time to be arranged at the end of the initial call) after 30 days to review your progress, celebrate your successes and discuss next steps.

All the above for a one-off fee of £30 payable upon booking to reserve your session.  In order to give participants my full focus during the 30 day programme, I’m limiting the number of people I will work with on these 1-1 calls to a maximum of 20.

Why not invest in yourself and discover how coaching can help you Step Up in September and achieve success, click here to sign up, book your appointment time and make your payment.

I will not sell you further coaching services during the 30 minute call.  This is purely a coaching exercise so that you can experience the power of being coached first hand.