Stephanie Barrows, ISM/RAM 

Life Purpose / Dream2Reality Coach Spiritual Medium & Catalyst for Change

​Dream 2 Reality Coaching

​Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it 

I would highly recommend working with Stephanie on many levels. She has the ability to zone in on the real issues that need to be resolved and you will leave feeling uplifted and inspired as she raises your awareness of and insights into your personal issues.  
Larry,  London / Sept 2015


“Retirement is a wonderful time to check in with yourself  and make changes to ensure that the next chapter of your life supports your values and life purpose.  I have had an ongoing coaching relationship with Stephanie for several years which has helped inspire and motivate me to take action and achieve many of the dreams and ideas on my list..."
MD/London 2017

"I turned 50 this year, and one thing I have learned is that the goals we set ourselves early on in life can often change over the winds of time... 
So before I turned 50, I wanted to give myself a major overhaul as I was feeling dissatisfied with so many aspects of my life. But I believed that a complete change of direction at my age was impossible to achieve until I put myself in the magical hands of Stephanie Barrows."

Andrew / London  August 2017

​​"Stephanie's Confident Communication Workshop was a great benefit on so many levels. Not only were the exercises incredibly insightful, but they also helped improve my confidence in the way that I communicate.  Stephanie created a great energy which enabled us to connect as a group and to learn from one another. FABULOUS EXPERIENCE.  ​  

AAM September 2017

​Thank you for my life purpose reading, very accurate and encouraging

JG January 2018


"Thank you for giving my dream wings!

It is said ,' that when the pupil is ready to learn, the teacher will appear ' and this is what happened to me . I am so glad that Stephanie was the one to enable, encourage and empower me to really  believe ..."

​​KMc, London  / February 2016


"I found Stephanie to be an excellent coach.  She has a very good presenting manner and knows when to ask the right questions"

SG, North London / April 2014


"Knowing that I lacked direction as well as confidence, a close friend recommended Stephanie’s help and guidance in the belief that this would give me the insight to realise my dreams.... " 

AM, East London 
​​ / June 2015



"...Without the aid of Stephanie's coaching, I would not be in the position I am now.  My confidence and beliefs would have prevented me from achieving my goal... My confidence has increased, my belief and self-belief has improved and my overall goal achieved. Thank you Stephanie..."​  

KM February 2014


Testimonials: How Stephanie's Empowering, Motivating and Inspiring Coaching has Helped Turn Dreams to Reality

"I have found Stephanie's coaching sessions exceedingly helpful.  They have really helped me to find my inner confidence and ability to make decisions and take positive action to fulfill my goals.  I now feel I have a clear, less cluttered method into actually getting things started and accomplished.  Brilliant!"​  
KL December 2013

"I found Stephanie's approach to be very professional... (Her) approach allowed me to focus on what actually my short and long term goals were and to take a step-by-step approach to achieving some of them..."  
LM March 2014

"I have benefited greatly from Steph’s questioning technique and unique approach to Coaching. I am a spiritual person and I have felt that she has been able to help me unite my goals with my Spiritual values and beliefs in order to make progress in my life..."

FMB, Essex May 2015


"I was quite stuck and lacking belief in my abilities to move forward with my business proposition.  Working with Stephanie helped me to clarify my goals and form an achieveable action to move forward.  Stephanie asked probing open questions which made me revisit my beliefs and blockers which aided me in my journey of development and progression.  I can honestly say that during my time working with Stephanie I made a lot of progress."​  
JF December 2013