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What are Your Values?

From the list below select the values that you feel are most important to you and also add any that are not included in this list. 

Achievement               Adventure                               Art                                Balance
Challenge                    Community                             Creativity                     Democracy
Effectiveness               Fame                                       Health                          Helping others
Honesty                       Independence                         Family                          Friendships
Growth                        Knowledge                              Laughter                      Learning
Love                             Loyalty                                    Money                          Nature
Order                           Pleasure                                  Power                           Recognition
Relationships               Religion                                 Responsibility             Reward
Security                       Self-respect                            Serenity                       Stability
Status                          Success                                  Time                             Truth
Connection                  Wisdom                                  Spirituality                   Understanding
Co-operation               Risk taking                              Spontaneity                Openness
Awareness                   Patience                                  Integrity                      ? ? ? ?